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JVC KD-R490 Display and Controls Demo | Crutchfield Video

Find out if the JVC KD-R490 fits your car at http://www.crutchfield.com/i-rYTVc1PK/p_105KDR490/JVC-KD-R490.html

JVC's KD-R490 CD receiver delivers strong sound, while it offers several ways to get your music going while you're on the road. First of all, you can plug your Android™ into the USB port on the front panel, and run your music with the JVC's controls. Second, you can choose from a sensitive AM/FM tuner, an auxiliary input, or a CD player. Check it out in this demo video.

Crutchfield, America's trusted electronics specialist since 1974, has award winning customer service, free lifetime tech support, and free shipping on most orders. Shop for all your audio and video needs at crutchfield.com and sign up for the catalog and email newsletter at http://www.crutchfield.com/i-rYTVc1PK/

See more home and car electronics videos on our channel: http://www.youtube.com/crutchfieldtv

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Vlad Ion : Hi . I have one of this and it doesnt catch only a few posts like 4 or 5. How can i improve this?
الفيزياء وعلوم الأرض توجيهي مع بنان : How can I program it to display the all the time ?
kenman1717 : i had to set everything back up on mine today, had to have battery unhooked. i can't find my manual anywhere. i was able to get everything set up, or so i thought. the clock won't display on the screen at all. before i had it set so the clock was displayed all the time because i use to have the previous version of this stereo and i had the clock as well as what station or cd, this one only displays one or the other. so i set the clock, then put clock display to on, still all that shows is what song is on or what cd track number. i'm sure i'm missing something, any tips?
Winsor C : How do I turn on the subs?
Kevreal : Mine won’t turn off

R490 process start to finish, Courtesy of D.R Tech-Solutions

Gpu lift on a 360 xenon scrap board. T1 placed touching the pcb surface using the window panning method. T2 placed slightly underneath the GPU actually touching pin 1 sphere.

For more info and discussion visit us at:
Péter Murányi : Well, I know that the those few types of consol boards don't reqire too much variety of profiles. However, by one week (manulally) I am repairing more types of notebook boards than the total consol board versions are existing. So, I am afraid that this station is not the best choice for me, something would be better to realise the curve always according to the actual panel temperature.
Advanced Reworks : @uffanten
The machine has three Thermocouple sensors actually.Two are located inside the top and bottom heaters. The other is located close to the IR (pre-heater) plates.
You can select from the included profiles or develop your own ones.
Advanced Reworks : Please try learning to use the unit when you're awake, it'll do wonders :-)
Misc. Vidoes : I actually just got this machine, and was wondering if you could help me out with a PS3 profile to try and use.
Detona Top 2018 : Tudo bem. Qual perfil ue voce usa para a cpu e gpu do ps3?

70092905 Scania R490

Scania R490





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