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NEW Fiat 500e 3+1 (118 hp) - POV drive & walkaround

Driving the 2022 electric Fiat 500, it's called "la Prima" because this is the first all electric Fiat. And it is gorgeous, so much better than the previous Fiat 500!

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Our test car is special, because it has an extra little suicide door on the passenger side, what is that all about? Find out in my new POV drive!

With @Fiat

- battery: 37.3 kWh usable
- range tested: 250 km / 155 miles
- range WLTP: 314 km / 195 miles
- power: 118 hp
- torque: 220 Nm
- engine: electrical motor
- drive: FWD
- average consumption (tested - mixed use): 20.6 kWh / 100 km
- charging: AC 11 kWh max
- charging DC 200 kWh max

- 0 to 100 km/h / 0 to 62 mph: 9.0 seconds
- top speed: 150 kph / 93 mph

Fiat 500e la Prima 3+1 price:
- US: from $41,000
- Europe: from € 29.500

- Full LED Headlamps with “Infinity Design”
- Two-Tone 17-Inch Diamond-Cut Wheels
- Chrome-Plated Inserts on the Windows and Side Panels
- Seats, Dashboard, and Steering Wheel Wrapped in Eco-Leather
- FIAT Monogram on the Seats
- Two-Town Steering Wheel
- Exclusive “laPrima” Badge on the Console
- 6-Way Adjustable Front Seats
- Custom “laPrima” Mats
- Electrochromic Internal Rearview Mirror
- 360-Degree Camera System

- Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems
- Autonomous Emergency Brake with Pedestrian \u0026 Cyclist Detection
- Intelligent Speed Assistant
- Lane Control
- High-Resolution Rearview Camera with Dynamic Guidelines
- Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control (iACC) and Lane Centering
- Auto Headlamp On and Auto High/Low Beam
- Emergency Call
- Electric Park Brake

00:00 introduction
00:21 electric
00:38 3+1 doors
01:06 rear seats
01:51 trunk
02:20 walkaround
02:35 under the hood
02:48 front seat
03:36 driving
03:54 dashboard
04:11 drive modes
04:39 speaking
05:10 highway / range
05:33 Fiat Co-driver
05:48 3D navigation
06:13 city parking / charging

#fiat500 #fiat500e #fiat

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Johnny POV : This Fiat 500e is a real upgrade from the regular Fiat 500, but would you dare to buy it in Rose Gold?
Mar Pe : I like the fact that you let us hear the sound of the doors closing and every other sound, it makes you appreciate a car even more. Very nice car by the way
Rhys Bevan : This is a prime second car, for running the kids to school, getting the shopping or just getting to work. There are plenty of old Italian villages with zero space to move, park or pass in, so small cars are really handy. I remember driving in Sicily and seeing all these old beat up 500s and asking my local friend "does no-one care about their cars" but he said in a town that has 800 year old road widths, you need small or you walk.
Evan : Real shame the US didn't get the next gen 500. Demand for a small car here just isn't high enough, everyone wants SUVs the size of buildings. Excellent video as always!
Endut Hoch Hech : A useful car. Especially in todays busy roads and tight parking spaces. Quite expensive though, but so are pretty much all EVs.
I like the rear hinged door, makes getting to the rear easier, without having ultra long doors that can't be opened in a parking lot.

Fiat 500 - The Original Small Car - James May's Cars Of The People - BBC

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James May takes a spin in one of the original small cars, the very mini, Fiat 500.

Taken from James May's Cars of the People


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ThunderWiring : this video alone beats the current Top-Gear
mrtomlovin : My parents drove a 500.
For their honeymoon.
700 km thru Italy. Back and forth.
With luggages.
Buying souvenirs and stuff for friends and family along the honeymoon.
Including a chandelier. Which they bought when the journey was almost at the beginning.
That car must be some kind of tesseract.
Helmut Von-Liechtenstein : I remember becoming obsessed with this car because of Lupin The third. The car looks like a lot of fun
Mac Doodles : Growing up makes you realise James was the best presenter all along
JoshJLMG Productions : 70 hp in a car like that? That must be actually decently quick.
Edit: Oh, 17...

Project Rosie - Day 4 - Final Day - Finished. Fiat 500. Copart Stolen Recovered Salvage.

Last few bits to do. A good clean, change the spark plugs, replace the door lock and touch up the paint and we're finished.

Already have a potential buyer lined up, but will they keep my record of first person viewing buys?
Edward Murdoch : Good job again grease on brake pipes used to be very common to prevent the pipes from rusting but many people started to use it to cover up the rust.
Corey Bishop : Congratulations on the quick sale. Looks a nice little car now
BigM : Looks lovely, came up really nice. Will make a great first car.
Tony McG : Its come up nicely, well done getting it moved on so quickly
Damian McNamara : Great to see another one gone




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