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HomePod Mini Review: Big Sound, Tiny Box!

HomePod Mini gets better, the deeper you are in the ecosystem.

The Ecosystem:

MKBHD Merch: http://shop.MKBHD.com

Tech I'm using right now: https://www.amazon.com/shop/MKBHD

Intro Track: Arcades by C2C
Playlist of MKBHD Intro music: https://goo.gl/B3AWV5

Speaker provided by Apple for review.

Oliur / UltraLinx : I could literally feel the disappointment run through me when you asked Siri for those jokes.
HazzaChinaVlogs : I mainly use mine as an alarm clock. It's just cool to go to bed and set an alarm by talking to a device. I live alone, so it is also just nice to say, "Hey Siri, goodnight," and get a response. Okay, I know that is a bit sad... I also keep up with news from home every morning when I wake up by saying "Hey Siri, please play ABC news." Also - I like how you can ask it to play ambient noise, like rain on a roof... These are probably not the intended main features, but somehow, it has become an important part of my life within such a short time.
Joelingo Joelingo : Simply the most intelligent, concise and non biased review of any product I’ve ever seen. Thank you.
Skyy Genies : I am literally in love with your videos.They are informative, calming, and transparent. What else more can a techie ask for??
Chris Osborne : That feeling when MKBHD just intercommed my whole house.

iHome iDL44 Lightning Dock Dual Clock Radio

Buy on Amazon: http://minick.co/2phXgic

Music Used: "Racks On Racks" (Instrumental Version) - Da Tooby

Thanks for watching my content! I truly appreciate all the love and support that you give me. Without YOU, none of this would be possible.

Connect with me:

Nintendo Switch: SW-1430-5419-9903
PlayStation 4: XionGuardian216
Xbox One: Insurgent Six

Twitter: http://twitter.com/dannyminick
Instagram: http://instagram.com/dannyminick
Twitch: http://DannyStreams.com (rarely used)
SnapChat: EnforcedData

Blog: http://MinickMedia.com
YouTube: http://DannyMinick.com

MEWTWO INTRO CREATED BY SleepyGFX: www.sellfy.com/Sleepygfx
SleepyGFX's YouTube Channel: http://minick.co/SleepyGFX


Canon G7X Mark II: http://minick.co/2it2Efu
Sony HDRCX405 Handycam Camcorder: http://minick.co/2mFIEJ7
GoPro HERO+ LCD: http://minick.co/2mZt4dA
Transcend 64GB CLASS 10 SD Card: http://minick.co/2hkoqnR
Manfrotto Compact Action Tripod: http://minick.co/2mG1yiL
Manfrotto Pixi Mini Tripod: http://minick.co/2i4MPg5
Canon Camera Bag: http://minick.co/2hdVwTd

Neewer 600W 5500K Photo Studio Day Light Black/Silver Umbrella Continuous Lighting Kit: http://minick.co/2j37rZr

Neewer Camera Photo/Video 18"Outer 14"Inner 600W 5500K Ring Fluorescent Light http://minick.co/2mTanGR

Neewer Mini Ball Head with Lock and Hot Shoe Adapter Camera Cradle http://minick.co/2nxS5OC

CowboyStudio Aluminum Adjustable Light Stand with Case http://minick.co/2nC4M7P

Music Used:

Mewtwo Intro: Rotations 2 - Jack Elphick
Regular Videos Intro/Outro: Cafe Mornings - Andreas Jamsheree
Crew Highlights Intro: Romos - Helios:


Romos - Helios:

Three Chain Links – Die Historic:



Home – Above All:

Crystal Drop - Fall:

VANTAGE // https://soundcloud.com/vantagenoise/dat-boi-extended

(END CARD) OUTRO SONG: Three Chain Links – Hot Nights in Los Angeles:

Anak Jalanan : Ihome has great sound, the reliability is great
Justin Williams ✔️ : Very nice, I seen that David picked one up too. $50 is a really good deal.
ElTraviesoSV22 : I did the same with Alexa and my father said that is a bad idea
TheChannel : Is it worth it in 2019 and are the speakers really good?
Mark Wise : I have a newer version of this clock radio dock. I can’t remember how to do the radio presets. I want to add am presets. All I can see Is fm stations.

iHome iW1 AirPlay Testbericht

iHome iW1 AirPlay System im Testbericht

Abonniert euch den den www.GeekTalk.ch Podcast da folgen bald interessante Details.

Hier geht es direkt zum Testbericht: http://gadgetplaza.ch/zubehoer/3140/ihome-iw1
Tobias Tomitzek : Gutes Review. Hast ein Abbo verdient und Feedback muss ich hier nicht geben, es gibt nicht's zu bemängeln. Und der Dialekt ist natürlich und kann nicht diskriminiert werden. (Auch wenn's nur Feedback war)

Yamili Cordova : Como puedo conseguir la bateria y el control de la home iw1
Pokipsie Network : @vDaki diest tut mir leid, heisst zu stark ausgesprochen? (Besten dank für dein Feedback)
Alberto Josafath Lanuza Pivaral : BATTERY CHARGED NOT FOUND
Al Odes : Дасыш шпиля зиабэн натюрлих гызыхт




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