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MACROS TO SHRED | Lean Bulk 09

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Alex Fabry : Nice video! Can't wait to see more!
Tom W55 : Hey Brian. I am a new subscriber and let me say that is one of the best explanations of macros that I have heard. Not too long, or in depth to be boring. Very interesting. Keep up the good content.
Irving Nolasco :
Anthony McCann : Good content so far, enjoying your channel. Cheers from Scotland!
Amanda Williams : Not to objectify you . . . but you looked hella sexy in that blue Nike shirt.

I'm dying.

RMS App Training 1: Basic Functionality

Basic Usage and Functionality of the Route Master Scheduler App.

Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Advanced Warehouse Transfers

Do you need to create a transfer order to create items?

There are many scenarios where there is no need to really create a transfer order in warehouse management.

Today we will take a look at how to transfer items from warehouse A to B without using a transfer order.

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Ashish P : Thanks Scott for this video :) As you told in the video, we cant use this feature when one warehouse aws and another is Std. If i use transfer journal in d365 not in mobile then i need to find the lp and enter it in the lines. Do you it think it is good to implemement? ENTERING LP MANUALLY IN THE TRANSFER JOURNAL FOR AMWS WH?
Ivan Kashperuk : Can I ask you to type in the values directly in the step banner instead of going into the alphanumeric input page each time? it's quicker and looks nicer :) thanks
DynamicsPost : Yes I think that’s the only way.
DynamicsPost : Hey thanks for the feedback should all of the fields in the new app take direct input? it seems like I was running into fields that I couldn’t directly enter values into without going to the input page.




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