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CLT407/409 기종 스캔판 청소하는 방법


Alternate Method (How to Remove the Cap) for Refilling SAMSUNG CLT-407 Cartridges

Some CLT-407s series cartridges have stubborn, hard-to-remove caps. It is possible to refill them by drilling holes instead.
Ricardo Villalobos : hello MY FRIEND, CAN YOU TELL ME HOW MANY GRAMS OF TONNER YOU PUT IN EACH COLOR.. THANK A LOT.. : That's odd. If you have a coupon you believe should be valid and it doesn't work, you can always contact InkOwl directly to claim your discount. : Yes, of course! Shipping to Canada is only $6.95, and FREE if you order for $75 or more.
St8Solja : Do you guys ship to Canada? : It's aluminum duct tape, available at any place selling ventilation equipment. Note that aluminum duct tape is included in all InkOwl toner refill kits. : @Storfiskarn24 We have tried this procedure. There are grates on the top and bottom of the cartridge so that even if you pierce a hole, you can't easily pour in the toner. Which is why we developed this drilling procedure instead.
Storfiskarn24 : @leandeganis Do you have any picture showing your "screwing a screw method" ? :)
Storfiskarn24 : Nice videos. Have you tried the melt & pour method for this cartridge? : @leandeganis This should go away on its own eventually. The best way to avoid those lines is to make sure to thoroughly clean out the cartridge before pouring in new toner, using compressed air if desired (carefully). Once the cartridge has been refilled, there is not much you can do to clean it. : @InkOwldotcom By "do this", I mean this drilling procedure.

How to Refill Samsung CLP-320 CLP-325 CLX-3180 CLX-3185 CLT-407

Refilling your SAMSUNG cartridge is easy, fast, clean, and economical. Learn how easy it is to refill SAMSUNG CLT-407S and CLT-4072S series cartridges. No drilling is required, and unlike other instructions, no printer modifications are required.
Ran Ng : The question is does the chip need to be replaced everytime you run out of ink?
Ann Cristobal : How many grams per bottle??? Or how many grams of toner should I put???
PocketDrummer : So, just for clarification, this is performed on an OEM Samsung toner cartridge?
tsang : Where can I see the alternate method video, for removing stubborn cap.
Ame Tamashi : Can anyone tell me why you need to replace he chip ?
itsLean ★ : How many times could be a single 407 cartridge refilled? Also, if refilling with the same ink, I think I can mix both inks. But how to know when the cartridge is overfilled? Thank you in adv. : The printer determines when the cartridge is "empty" by tracking usage, regardless of how much toner is actually left inside. Samsung always puts more toner than is needed to avoid a cartridge printing badly while the printer still says the cartridge is not empty. We include the same amount (in grams) of toner in our bottles as the OEM includes in the cartridge, which is why there will always be some left after every use. : I'm not sure exactly what you mean. Theoretically, if you can accumulate enough original Samsung or enough third-party powder to make a refill, you can. But don't mix the two.

There is another reason behind dumping out the old toner besides mixing, and that is to avoid overfilling the cartridge. Note that the few grams you do waste are nothing, as the majority of the cost in a toner kit is the chip which is mandatory to replace every 1000 pages for color, 1500 pages for black.
KA12 : Can I recycle the old toner powder and when I will get enough same formula powder, can I put it in the toner

(My english is not very good, i'm a french guy from Quebec in Canada)
KA12 : Can I recycle the old toner powder and when I will get enough same formula powder, can I put it in the toner

(My english is not very good, i'm a french guy from Quebec in Canada)




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