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NMB muffin fan with an EPIC startup sound

Might as well upload this now while I'm waiting for the ball to drop. This is one of 2 small muffin fans my uncle gave me years ago, the other one runs on 240v. It moves a ton of air for it's size and has an awesome start up sound. I guess this will be my last video for 2018, so Happy New Years guys!
The Fan Universe : Some EBM Papst fans have awesome startup sound. I had one, but unfortunately it broke last year.
LemontTheRoyalBlueFanMan : YES My favorite and Awesome Startup Sound.. i enjoyed

NMB Mat Fan

EliasLee2010 : next hook up the fan to a SONY amplifer and run music through it
Продам Родину : Уважаемый где купить такие новые .

NMB-MAT 4715KL-04W-B56 Fan 120mm

4715KL-04W-B56 Fan 120MM 12V DC 1.60A With 4-Pin
EliasLee2010 : i have a fan coming in the mail its 0.27A 12V
CHARM & RBA : I have fan the same as you but the color of the wire are red, black, yellow and blue. So the positive and the negative is inside not outside?
David Mwabuka : what determines the power of the fan? i have the exact same model, but mine has 1.3 Amps 12volts. i accidentally broke the blades they were plastic ones. it was very strong i never had any other strong fan like it i used to connect it on my old laptop 19 volts adapter and it ran extremely powerful spin. themotor is still ok but it has no blades. can i some how make blades for it? or its useless




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