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How to: Set up and use the HI9146 Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter

Learn how to set up and get your portable DO meter from Hanna Instruments measuring dissolved oxygen quickly.
smag mas : can you make us a video for the PMI800 device?
رائحة الورد مخلد : Is this device can be used for measuring of Do of refinary waste water?
dinie durrani : may i know is there any portable dissolved oxygen meter that can measure dissolved oxygen in chemical other than water? for example styrene and inhibitor? thank you.
Samsungblue Mobile : i want this plz can anybody send me in my country i'll pay plzzzz
please contact 0092-335-1539816

Dissolved Oxygen Meter

This video displays how to measure dissolved oxygen in given solution with the help of dissolved oxygen meter (DO Meter) . For more information please visit:
January hhary : What is the names of those components of DO meter
Jerimiah Marco : Where to but the kit?
mandapalli sivakumar : How to calculate Dissolved oxygen in mg/L using Galvanic DO probe sensor (mV output)?
Bardhaman Aqua And Solar : price
Md Abrar : Music dalne ki kya zarurat thi
harsh vardhan singh : from where I can get this iwana to buy.
BOQU Instrument : if any questions about Dissolved oxygen meter, you can contact BOQU Instrument, email is
Vamsi Swapanu : why do purple colour appears on water surface
Vamsi Swapanu : why do tank water becomes black colour
Just Views : Amazing

Dissolved oxygen measurement

The oxygen concentration in a liquid can be measured using the amperometric or optical measurement principles. This video shows what it is about and how these measuring principles work.
carlosmunnier : THANKS
Mirkuz Erku : Thank you. What is the software used to make such animations?
mandapalli sivakumar : How to calculate Dissolved oxygen in mg/L using Galvanic DO probe sensor (mV output)?
mandapalli sivakumar : Excuse me sir.... what is the convension formula for output of DO sensor(current or voltage) to mg/L...?
Jayakumar : Great work thx a lot
Asif Bin Karim : what is the name of the sensor/actuator used in the system?
luxem shah : superb explanation!thanks!
Sheikh Adil : Thank uh for your valuable information
Abdelfattah Saad : It will be more useful if the video includes the subtitles
bách nguyễn : simple, brief but enough information. this video is very useful with me! thank u!


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