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2019 Jeep Compass Limited! - The Baby Grand Cherokee

Had a blast doing a quick little walkthrough and review of the 2019 Jeep Compass! With 4wd and a few awesome bells and whistles, this thing is a competitive Compact SUV.

IG: Ljs_Garage!
Husker Nation : I know it's way late, but great video! Subscribed
Leah Lanier : Excellent review! Thank you so much for sharing
andrea allen : Great review, you have definitely made me consider buying one of these. Thank you
Mlvn Cgndhn : i have the trailhawk.. only thing is no enough space for me and 4cyl is just not enough power
pc m : One of the better jeep reviews. I now buy cars by the seat-of-my-pants; if the seats aren't comfortable that vehicle is eliminated. Once past that milestone, I concentrate on features.
MrNothingButAir : my only grudge on this car is that it isn't made in USA but Mexico. The Cherokee is made in USA along with the CRV and Kia's Sorento.
Alexandre Buteau : First time I see a vehicle review from you. You did a really good job, well detailed. I subscribed!
Also, really good looking vehicle
Mia Grau : Awesome video! Thank you!!!!
fordfiveohh : Yes that's how I always thought it a baby Grand Cherokee
Velo1010 : I caught the part of the video about the manual seats. My previous Grand Cherokee Laredo had power, my new “baby Grand Cherokee” doesn’t. I truly don’t miss them. What I find is the manual seats adjust much faster. Aside from that the non-power seats are going to be more reliable, and less expensive (no failed motor to replace)

2019 Jeep Compass review: Inspired looks, uninspired performance - 4K

While the Jeep Compass is undoubtably the best in its class off-road, performance on the pavement makes it tough to recommend. Read the full review -https://www.cnet.com/roadshow/make/jeep/model/compass/

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D Medina : Love my limited 4x4 but a lil faster would be nice
Darth Desec : Why didn’t you test drive the 4x4?
Darth Desec : She’s not even comparing them to the correct competitor subs. What an idiot.
shift intohigh : We love our 2020! It’s more comfortable seating wise than my Grand Cherokee. We have all the options of bigger cars, leather heated and cooled seats, blind spot monitors 8 inch screen, we like it. Gas mileage is subjective to where you drive and how you drive. Just in town stop and start traffic we get 23, hwy 30 mpg is easily obtainable. We have the FWD 6 spd and it runs great, no performance problems. You bash the car for not being a 4x4 but that’s not what you ordered. When we ordered oUrs, you could get a Limited with either 4x4 (low lock) or AWD 4x4 like you have there, or as you said the Trailhawk. Haters gonna hate.
Mia Gates : Bought my trailhawk 2019 with 10,000 miles for $21,000 clean title. definitely a better price. Still has a new car smell. Love it so far
Duane Hartle : Had mine for 6 months and 5K miles and so far I love it. Looks good, great price ($20K buy/MSRP $26K), good gas mileage (25 combined and 30 highway) and interior is A-OK for me. It's not a $40-50k SUV with all the fancy options (and payments) and I do not need 0 to 60 in under 5 seconds (I have a Corvette for that). It does everything perfect so far for the things I wanted it for.
Nathaniel Rudolph : This is a car that’s competing with a Honda and Toyota and Hyundai. Trust me it’s perfect just the way it is. Just needs a second engine.
The Hebrew Barrister : I own a 2019 compass. Your complaints are all valid... However, FCA routinely offers 3-4k incentives plus 0% financing, and dealers can knock another 2k-3k off. That, plus the excellent styling (I think it's the best looking small CUV that isn't a Range Rover), makes it competitive.

At MSRP? No way. At 5k+ off? Yeah, I can ignore the lack of power and poor interior storage.

At least, that's my logic in enjoying mine.
K. Theodos : There’s nothing wrong with Compass except the price. Ive driven it. Its not slow. It’s absolutely fine. But it’s just not worth $37K.
ARich : My 2018 Compass has been solid, half way through my 3 year lease. It’s great in the snow and on backroads, has gone on road trips to NY and Canada, no problem, and has been reliable. It IS waaay slow with the 2.4L... FCA should just put the 2.0T in it (or ditch that 9-speed). I think it handles well and is pretty light for an SUV. I’m getting 27.5 MPG right now, above what the EPA quotes you should average. For comparison, my other two cars, an 04 Oldsmobile Bravada and 08 Saturn Aura XE V6, weigh in at 4,500 lbs. and gets ~18.5-19 MPG (above EPA) and 3,500 lbs and about 25 MPG (again, above EPA) respectively. Overall, I don’t think it’s a top player, but it’s way better than the old models were.

2019 Jeep Compass - FULL REVIEW!!

Test Drive: 2018 Jeep Compass Limited 4x4
If I owned Jeep, the first thing I would do is change the Compass’ name.

"If you don’t need a larger vehicle, why haul one around all the time?"

The vehicle that previously wore this badge was a mediocre little thing, a plasticky lump based on the Dodge Caliber. Overall, its most notable attribute was that you could get it for cheap. Other than its name, this new Compass has about as much in common with the old one as a Fiat 500 does with a one-ton Ram truck.
You’ll pay more for the new Compass over the old, of course, but overall, it’s worth the bump.
The all-new Jeep Compass was unveiled for 2017, and it rumbles virtually unchanged into 2018, except for some new features in its available SiriusXM: travel link, traffic information, and Guardian, which includes remote services and assistance.

The Compass comes in front-wheel drive on the entry-level Sport and next-up North. Both can be optioned to 4x4, the only configuration on the Trailhawk and my tester, the Limited.
It’s based on the same platform that underpins the larger Cherokee and smaller Renegade. All Compass models use a 2.4L four-cylinder engine cranking out 180 horsepower and 175 lb-ft of torque. The Sport can be ordered with a six-speed manual. Otherwise, you get a six-speed automatic when you order front-wheel drive, and a nine-speed automatic in four-wheeler models.

Pricing starts at $25,250 for the base Sport, and rises to a high of $35,245 for the Limited. Of course several options are available, and my ride was ordered from the factory with a heavy hand: $7,125 in extras, bringing it to $42,370 before freight and taxes.
That was a bit too hefty a tag for my compact ride, but on the other hand, I also like that more automakers are now allowing buyers to load up smaller vehicles, if that’s their preference. It used to be that if you wanted more features, you had to buy a larger footprint. My loaded-up Compass felt as well-equipped as some Grand Cherokees I’ve driven, but without the bulk that our two-member family doesn’t require. If you don’t need a larger vehicle, why haul one around all the time?

The Compass’ little engine is fine if you’re driving moderately, but it gets wheezy when you ask it for more and run it out. If you want some passing power, especially at highway speeds, you put your foot down and then count a couple of beats while the transmission downshifts and then everything catches up. The nine-speed gets it up into the higher gears as quickly as possible for fuel economy, but at the same time, I thought it shifted more smoothly than a Trailhawk I tested last year. Perhaps a bit of extra trans tuning for the Limited’s more luxo feel?
Also, in keeping with fuel economy and emissions, the engine has a automatic stop-start feature, which shuts it off at idle, such as when you’re sitting at a light. You get a noisy, rough jolt when it starts up again, and if it’s too much, you can disable the system by pressing a button.

Despite its somewhat lacklustre engine performance, the Compass redeems itself with its ride. It’s wonderfully smooth and composed, soaking up bumps and coddling passengers without feeling detached or floaty. The cabin is very quiet, too, which adds to the overall higher-end feeling. Against the official figures of 10.8 L/100 km in the city and 7.8 on the highway, I averaged 10.1 L/100 km in my week with it.
The four-wheel system runs primarily in front-wheel, seamlessly transferring power to the back when necessary. A dial on the console lets you adjust the system to better tackle snow, sand, or mud, and you can lock it into power to both axles when travelling at low speed in the sticky stuff. My tester did fine in some heavy snow, but if you want more of the full Jeep experience, opt for the Trailhawk. It adds a “rock” setting and low range with a 20:1 crawl ratio, and while it isn’t as gnarly as a Wrangler, this trim level is far more off-road capable than you’d expect.

The Compass is a handsome beast that looks a lot like a scaled-down version of a Grand Cherokee. North trims and up include automatic headlamps, roof rails, and fog lamps; while the Limited adds rain-sensing wipers (which, like all moisture-sensitive ones, work great in steadier precipitation, but fizzle in drizzle, and aren’t as effective). My tester was further optioned with a dual-pane panoramic sunroof, at a wallet-draining $1,595.
The interior design is close to that of the larger Cherokee, and it’s as handsome as the outside, with lots of soft-touch materials, contrasting stitching, and curvy styling. However, not all is perfect. There are several controls stuffed into the centre console, with no room left over for storage. There’s a small covered console box and door pockets, but no place up front to casually toss your phone or other items.
Full Review http://wwwa.autotrader.ca/expert/20180406/test-drive-2018-jeep-compass-limited-4x4/

David Clark : So...not a review then!
Vidhi Srivastav : I love this vehicle.
But did not recommend it because of service network and service center's customer very very bad reviews.
Janis Samovics : Does somebody know the name of song 4:00?!
Sanjay Singh : Xuparr car
Vikas Unavane : Lovely jeep compass
берандал локаджая : This is not jeep, this is fiat with jeep badge. Shame
B Bogdan : this is more an ad than a review
ArShA 123 : I luv jeep
Afzal Hridoy : I want to IMPORT this car in Bangladesh... Jeep company can get me dealership?? If they do it,,then i will do and plz info me..
Rob Turner : I live in the US and just bought a 2019. Seeing this "review" is such a joke. Especially the Mr. Roger's Neighborhood demonstration of the steering.




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