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SDG #242 1SCN Dual Channel 160W C210 C115 JBC Soldering Station Disaster

Only $2 for 5pcs 2 Layer \u0026 4Layer PCBs. Get SMT Coupon Here : https://jlcpcb.com/cyt
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Aixun T3B on Aliexpress: https://bit.ly/3cDkWIY
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0:00 Introduction
1:27 C210 Handpiece Details
2:36 C115 Nano Handpiece Details
5:28 Handpiece Cradle
6:18 Solder Station Details
9:12 JLCPCB Content
9:43 Solder Station Teardown and Fails
16:55 First Power Up
19:59 Some Soldering
23:59 Conclusions
3D Printers:
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Test Equipment:
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Microscope Equipment:
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Nikola Manolov : A note about the back PCB. We've found that during production matte black PCBs tend to have a bit lower failure percentage on small pin pitches.
When you get to 0.4mm QFPs, green PCBs keep the solder in the in between state before its fully molten longer and so bridges are more lightly. With black PCBs, they tend to heat up faster, solder goes molten faster and surface tension start to do its trick.
We've found that the scale goes - matte black, blue, purple, green, white. We've not tested red and yellow but i'd imagine they are going to be round green/white level of bad.
acoustic61 : Thanks for all your reviews. I'm glad you call out poor quality where it exists since you point to issues other reviewers may miss. BTW, I wonder if you're still considering designing a circuit for Metcal handpieces?
Dreamcat 4 : thanks so much for reviewing this.absolutely terrible device. so sorry for ever suggesting it. well at least we all know now how bad these models below the aixun can get. and you did a really excellent job of the review. and has helped to appreciate what better value we are getting from those aixun. really appreciated that

BTW recently heard that Cree have now stopped manufacturing leds, did you hear that too? as in: all future business? i did not look further but you might find some technical press coverage or recent article about it. just wanted to mention that too... in case you still need to snap up some other different versions of the broader cree led range, for other ones with a different specs. then presumably they should also fall under a similar stock clearance and with some appropriate discounts. and you know... maybe we cannot expect them to be restocked anymore. that is kindda sad i think. because they filled a gap in the market for both pretty good value and quality combined. even under the normal pricing, when they were not being discounted / EOL'd
mariushmedias : Yeah, for sure it's a recycled power supply... I'd be concerned by that brown selastic material used to glue the capacitors and inductor to the board, that may become slightly conductive with age and cause issues. If we go by the circuit board, it looks like it was made in 2010, week 53
The Embedded Hobbyist : Just when you thought there can't be another sodering station( for your US viewers) another one comes along. :-)

Looks like it's just waiting to kill you. Not a soldering iron to die for, but one to die with.

Wiring the Three Phase Inverter with Synergy Technology, up to 100kW – Australia

The second in the three-part series of installation videos for the Three Phase Synergy Inverters, up to 100kW.
This video details various wiring procedures once the inverter has been mounted on the wall. Learn all about DC, AC, Earth and communications connectivity for smoother installations of the new generation of commercial Synergy inverters.

a. 00:00 – 00:20 Intro
b. 00:21 – 02:22 Connecting the Synergy Manager to the Synergy Units
c. 02:23 – 03:49 Connecting PV DC Cables
d. 03:50 – 05:54 Connecting AC nd Earth
e. 05:55 – 06:53 Monitoring Communications
f. 06:54 – 08:05 Site Communications
g. 08:06 – 08:41 Closing the Synergy Manager Cover

Samsung RB36T602ESA/EU 70/30 Fridge Freezer - Silver - Product Overview

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