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USB Credit Card Flash Drive

This Credit Card Flash Drive has the same dimensions of a Credit Card, with a single sided USB connection for easy connectivity.Will easily fit into a wallet to take anywhere, very robust plastic design.
@konradhenkel7284 : This is exactly what I needed to see to understand how the card works. Can't believe this video was made 10 years ago and I am just now finding out about this configuration operates. Thank you!
@hesjane : Thank you - I just received two of these credit card type flash drives and I was nervous of damaging them. Your video was just the thing to give me the confidence to open them without damaging them.
@peacetoearth101 : Thank youuuu!!! Mine was hard & didn't want to break it! Super helpful!!!
@mandrparrish : This came with a computer I bought and I had no clue how to use it! Thank you!
@karlamcdonald8820 : Thank you so much!!! You are a lifesaver! :) (Not to exaggerate or anything, but....)

The Credit Card With Built In USB Flash Storage

In this video I will take a look at a flash storage that has the shape of a credit card which makes it possible to carry in a wallet, enjoy!

Here is a link for the product just another design:\u0026qid=1469226925\u0026sr=8-10\u0026keywords=flash+storage+credit+card

@crazyprince4752 : Can we connect it to mobile ???
@shubhambhakta2277 : keep up the good work!!

i would recommend u nvest in a better camera and use monitor capture video instead of pointig the camera at the mac.

It would be nice if u invested in a microphone too.

Keep uo the good work again!!!
@motiva3596 : Connect to other audio devices???
@joliedigiovanni182 : Why does it say usb when it’s like an sd card?

Black Aluminum MicroSD USB Card Reader Product Review

When you use a camera it can be difficult to look at or transfer them without a Micro SD card reader since many computers can't recognize your SD card. Just plug this tiny and futuristic looking card reader into a USB port and instantly be able to show off all your best pictures! You can carry it around daily since it's about as tall as an ear bud and thick as a USB port! Other card readers are big and unsightly, but this one is sleek and discrete-it even comes with a keychain ring!

Check it out here:
@JOHN27398 : Thank you this video is helpful to me
@shainmathew4274 : thank you for showing,
i dont know where to insert the sde card.
@abramon6534 : Great video thanks
@1play33r7_ : I used it 2 times, it broke the reader, the usb itself broke
@nathanmartinez2771 : I think it sucks. Couldn’t get my computer to recognize it. I’m pretty experienced in IT. Couldn’t get this to work.




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