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I bought a Zune in 2020.

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Garbage Time: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHdpnvKJDijKNe2caIasnww
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Custom iPods by Elite Obsolete: https://eoe.works
iPod Discord : https://discord.gg/ipod
whale : “You can wirelessly send content, we’re gonna call it sharting”
NonoDonkey : I had my second gen Zune with me at work one day and someone walked in with his, and he sent me some songs. It was the greatest day of Microsoft's life.
GentlemanSauer : Honestly, back in like 06-07 when they launched, I got one bc it looked pretty decent, had a radio that didn't completely suck for that time, and it held as much as the ipods and on sale, I got mine for like $150, maybe a little less. It worked for what I wanted until it was stolen..... 1 week before an article about how they sucked came out and even pawn shops didn't really want them. Also, apparently they touted DRM but um........ that obviously didn't work at all, lol
peterpanda1970 : I still got my 80gb and still love it despite the fact that Spotify dethroned it really bad. The earphones that came in the box were the most luxurious thing coming as standard pack at the time
T. L. : When you realize that this Microsoft-made product doesn't support the .wav format, a format developed by Microsoft

Microsoft Zune in 2022 - Can You Still Use It?

Zunity video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NvZBEbadefU

Had the chance to grab a new in box Microsoft Zune 30 and get it running again. The software takes a bit of work but once you figure it out, it's a surprisingly useful and capable music player for 2022!

#microsoftzune #zune30 #microsoft

StevealiciousTech : Ever have a Zune back in the day? Let me know!
dustysquito : I loved my Zune touch back in the day. That was such a sleek little device, and I loved the Metro interface they used for both the Zune HD and Windows Phone. Super easily usable.
rustyblades11 : My sister had a brown zune back in the day and I remember it being the coolest thing ever back then. Being able to temporarily send songs for your friends to check out truly blew me away at the time
Jimmie Jam Of The Day: Non-Monetized Channel : I still use Zunes. I have a few and use the Zune HD as my daily music listening device. I also loved Windows Phones, but mainly for it's live tiles and great creative customization. Now, I have an Android and use the Launcher 10 app to get that awesome Windows Phone live tile home screen experience.
Josh Thiel : Had mine since at least 2008. Occasionally I pull it out of a drawer and play with it. It's currently plugged into my car aux. That 'Acoustic' Equaliser setting is still the best built-in EQ setting of any device I've ever used. Just sucks that the software is now crippled due to Msft dropping all support.

Microsoft Zune - Why It Failed

The Zune was Microsoft's response to Apple's iPod. It didn't sell too well and is considered to be an overall failure. This video talks about how it compared and why it failed.

Also, thanks for a terrific 3 years on YouTube everyone!

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Nicolas Gleason-Boure : "Squirt" is by far the worst verb they could have chosen
TruFinancials : The Zune had a "streaming service" before it was cool. It was $15 a month and you got to listen to all the music you wanted. Plus you got 10 credits to keep songs you loved!! It was a better service and product, but Apple was better at marketing. I loved my Zune.
Martin Rojas : I love my Zune and I think you missed some of the best features:
- wireless syncing - between computer and device not to a cloud (which I don't think anyone else ever really got)
- social network - where you can see and try music from your friends
- with the stand, you could plug into a TV and suddenly you had a way to watch those wireless sync videos from the PC to the living room. (try doing that now with a phone)
- And last and most important is that they kept support for their devices. The first generation kept getting the features of each new release as much as it could support. Very few devices can claim that.
One of the best devices I ever had, too bad their marketing department sucks
R G : If Steve Jobs had his way back in the early 2000s, the Zune might have succeeded! Steve did NOT want the iTunes Store on Windows XP, but Apple employees below him voiced their concerns that this would alienate a large portion of their potential market, since Windows DOMINATED the computer market back then. If Apple didn’t give Windows users access to iTunes, that might have pushed way more Zune sales since Windows users would have been more limited!
Nicholas Saini : I remember wanting a iPod when I was in middle school, and my dad legitimately said, "Just wait until Microsoft releases theirs. It will be so much better."




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